What are your Wants and Needs?

Now for the fun part…what are you Wants and Needs?

wants and needs image

Now is the time to start to make “THE LIST” of the features that are “must have”, “No Way” & “Would be nice”. Then make a list of “Absolutely Not” as well. If you have time to organize them in priority that is good too! Pick at least 3 items off of each list that are “tops”. If you are buying with someone else have them do the same thing and don’t share your ideas until you have both completed the exercise.

The “Must-Have’s Features:

The “Would-be-nice” List:

Column 3, List Features You Do NOT Want:

Review your list and the one prepared by your co-buyer. Review your priorities and see if you can get them to match.

This process is a good exercise because it forces you to think about your wants and needs and where your priorities lie, but it is almost guaranteed that your list will change and evolve when you actually begin to look at houses. Even home buyers with an unlimited budget rarely find the “perfect” home so be prepared to make some compromises on a couple of your items.